Venus Transit

June 4th, 2012

Venus transits come in pairs the first one occurred in June 08, 2004 and the next and final one for this round will be June 5/6 2012. The next will be in the year 2117.

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Depleted Texas lakes expose ghost towns, graves

November 24th, 2011

Texas finished its driest 12 months ever with an average of 8.5 inches of rain through September, nearly 13 inches below normal. Water levels in the region’s lakes, most of which were manmade, have dropped by more than a dozen feet in many cases.


Cataclysms are the reason for our wrong chronology

November 12th, 2011

Our actual value (since the Renaissance) of the speed of precession is 72 years for one degree displacement of the spring equinox. This was not always like that.

In the Middle Ages the speed was a bit quicker. As Arab astronomers wrote, the precession speed at their time was around 65 to 66 years per degree, starting from al-Battani (around 880 AD) to Kushayr and as-Sufi until Haraqi (1112 AD). An anonymous contemporary of Zarqallu (11th century) noted likewise 66, and the Latin book of Alfonso X, the Wise (13th century) gives the same value….

… Recently even older dates have been discovered: Dennis Rawlins found an old manuscript in 1981 (published only in 1999) that shows that Aristarchus 130 years before Hipparchus had nearly the same value of 100. (Quoted in German by Sepp Rothwangl, internet). This means once again that an original value for the precession speed had been handed down by the Greeks over something like four centuries. Again I have to admit that we now don’t know when this really was and for how long the speed was uniform. But since the Arabs knew this value it must have been calculated some time before them.

Stepping back again until Babylonian time we suddenly are confronted with the value 50, as Rothwangl asserts quoting cuneiform tablets. The big year of precession, he continues, of the astronomer Kidinnu amounted to 18.000 years thus corresponding to what was passed on by Greeks concerning a phrase of Heraklitus which can only be found in Aetius. Here now the tradition is very weak and contestable, yet lacking other information we can resume the following: From Kepler to us there is the factor 72, while it is 66 for the Arabs and 100 for the Greeks of post-Alexander time; for the Babylonian epoch it was supposedly 50.

Chronology or “How to tell if your history is ok”

November 12th, 2011

     Joseph Justus Scaliger Joseph Justus Scaliger Dionysius Petavius Dionysius Petavius”

There are and have been thinkers that view historical chronology or, time lines, to be incorrect.

For example: According to Heribert Illig we really should be in the year 1714 instead of 2011, because the Gregorian calendar reform of 1582 created a “time hole” of 300 years and Anatoly Fomenko goes so far as to say the chronology is between 300 to 1000 years off!

Whatever the case may be there have been symposia and congresses in academic circles and elsewhere that address this issue of “wrong chronology”.

This website, newchronology, is a good place to start looking into the subject of history and chronology

From there you might want to know some names of some of the people who disagree with today’s chronology of history which you can find here: The New Chronology: The Dark Ages Didn’t Exist.

Call for mobile phone health warnings despite ‘inconclusive’ evidence

November 10th, 2011


11,000 Years Ago…

October 29th, 2011

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I guess the name “Stone Age” is an appropriate name for a time when the earth turned to “Stone”. Where events occurred that changed life as it was then in a “geological micro-second”

Of course, we had to begin anew with history… All that was before was pulverized, atomized.

What ever caused the event was so strong, so powerful that it most likely changed the atmosphere we live in, changed the lands we stood on; creating mountain where there were plains and plains where there were mountains. It vaporized bodies of water and fertile lands to create massive deserts and fossilized untold masses of creatures great and small, tore huge tracts of earth to create cavernous valleys and created seas.

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Ground holes prompt evacuations in QC

May 29th, 2011

Calendars (Ancient)

May 7th, 2011

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Nuclear power plants, world-wide

April 13th, 2011

European Nuclear Society

USA 140 Nuclear reactors

France - 58 Nuclear reactors

Japan - 54 Nuclear reactors


442 operating nuclear reactors worldwide and, 65 under construction.

For a complete list check this link out


How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation

April 13th, 2011

Soon after the Fukushima accident last month, I stated publicly that a nuclear event of this size and catastrophic potential could present a medical problem of very large dimensions. Events have proven this observation to be true despite the nuclear industry’s campaign about the “minimal” health effects of so-called low-level radiation.


Helen Caldicotts web site: Nuclear Free Planet